Wednesday, January 02, 2008

quick and easy

i finished these in less than a week:

i love them. i want to wear them all the time. i need to buy new shoes just to show them off! pattern details etc on sss.

meanwhile, trent went back to work today. i hate that he has to commute 4 hours a day. i hate that his industry is full of idiots that drive him crazy. but mostly i was sad to see him go. he may have been exhausting but we have had a lovely ten days.

also sad is that i must pack up summer knitting camp today and get back to work myself. sigh. i have however, cast on a pair of jaywalkers using magic loop method with addi lace circs and online supersocke bamboo blend:

i havent quite finished with that whole 'summer of socks' thing!

k xx

1 comment:

Michelle said...

The socks are lovely!

And the 4 hour commute sounds like a real bugger :-(