Friday, January 04, 2008

thinking of bigger things

appropriately it is raining today as i sit here struggling to get my head into gear to write the last few thousand words of the pensky. i have never been closer to finishing but i still feel so far away, the bits to write now are the really hard matching-weird-psych-theory-to-the-evidence parts, and i can not help but imagine the self satisfied smirks of certain not-supervisors as, seeing my difficulty, they 'tell me so', imaginatively. grrrr get thee to a nunnery.....

so this post may well be an exercise in procrastination. but it does have a legitimate purpose. as much as i am loving the knitting of socks (here is the latest attempt at jaywalkers using online supersocke bamboo - the zigzags show up more when it is stretched out):

i am thinking of bigger things. not because it is cooling down, or even getting close, but i tend to leave my winter knitting too late and no one gets to wear the winter items in the winter they were intended for.

i want to make trent this he seems to like it but is so fussy and non-committal about what he wants its difficult. i am thinking bendigo but not sure if alpaca or rustic is best. i made my wrap last year in rustic and its lovely but now we have moved north i am thinking something lighter for the mild coastal winter. any suggestions?

i am also looking to make something with this:

4 ply hand dyed polwarth/silk. i am thinking a wrap/shawl thing. its 150g so how many metres might this get me i wonder, because i think i am in love with this. of course, he has changed the yarn, so i will have to fudge the pattern a bit which is scary, or else get my hand on the original. i love evelyn clark designs. seriously tho, is this guy not one of the finest knitters out there? awesome. he says in the post about the shetland triangle that he likes the more circular lace patterns than the geometric and i tend to agree and i was thinking more of a rectangle wrap than a triangle shawl, still this is gorgeous. would it work with this yarn though? again, suggestions welcome.

and because i couldnt, i havent packed away summer knitting camp. which is good, cos jem is always looking for somewhere comfortable for his precious wombat butt:

nice life if you can get it.

k xx


amy said...

I'm making the Cobblestone for myself. I offered to make it for my husband, but he is also both fussy and noncommittal. It's amazing to me that he's both at once, but obviously it's a Guy Thing. That, or his twin resides on the other side of the world. :)

kms said...

he wouldnt be a gemini would he?!

Taphophile said...

That lace pattern done as a stole I reckon there'd totally be enough yarn.

It's worked in two pieces, then grafted, so I'd work on both pieces at the same time and keep knitting till the yarn was almost done. No waste, no muss, no fuss. ;)

Anonymous said...

Alpaca - I made a cardigan a few years ago, good old bendy. Very heavy and so warm, it is lucky to get out of the wardrobe once per winter.

We live in a village on Jervis Bay, so that gives you a 'climate reference'.

Mind you - the cardy was a lifesaver when we had to attend a funeral, in Tumut, in winter, in a storm of freezing rain and sleet.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Fernicle said...

Such a gorgeous pic of master Gem! He looks real koselig!