Friday, January 18, 2008

through the wringer

what a day. i have been at uni today because i was summonsed yesterday by the deputy vice chancellor. he heard i was having a potential supervision/submission issue and wanted to talk to me about it. (thats cutting a long story short). we talked. hes a hard man, plays it straight down the line, told me i might have to suck it up a bit, but there was a plan b if needed. (i am anticipating supervisory obstruction because of the theoretical direction the thesis has taken. again, long story).

then i ran into one of said supervisors who wanted to know how things were going (obviously not having read the multiple emails from me in his inbox!) and we talked for a while and cleared the air a bit, so i am hoping we dont need to go to plan b. it could get very messy. it will depend on whether people can keep their egos in check.

fingers crossed.

on lighter, better news, i was the lucky winner of missfees blogiversary competition and this is what arrived in the mail for me yesterday:

yes a gorgeous hand made needle roll. ive always wanted one, and its divine. here it is unwrapped:

here it is half full (obviously i need more needles):

and here it is re-rolled (sorry still using the mobile for pix):

i like to fondle it. it makes me smile. thanks missfee :)

k xx


2paw said...

Oh, being summonsed would have scred the willies out of me. It still would now. I was never very good with the whole politics thing. Hope the finger crossing works!!!
Nice needle rool indeed, I would feel the need to fill it right up too!!!

missfee said...

so glad you like it - egos politic blah - it is everywhere - but knitting is the best balm - enjoy

Michelle said...

Poo and poxes to those academicrats! Hope it doesn't affect you too much, kms.

Love the needle roll! If I knitted I'd be asking Miss Fee for one of my own!

lilypotter said...

Hope everything goes well at the uni! Congrats on winning the super-nice needle roll!

amy said...

How nice you got a pretty surprise in the mail that makes you smile, to perk up an otherwise distressing day. Hope things get better at the uni.

TinkingBell said...

Preetty pretty - I love getting presents and prizes - hope the supervisor thingy feels better now - I know how you feel (well not the PhD bit - but the thesis bit) - keep it together and try not to punch them -however tempting it may be!

Georgie said...

Yikes - that must have been scary! But Im glad there's been air cleared and there is an understanding of whats going on.

That needle roll is GAWJUS - I have been in need of one for ages and that is just lovely, so I am very envious. Must be good karma for working so hard on the pensky file!!

Rose Red said...

Lovely needle roll - just what the doctor ordered after visit with dep VC - hope it all works itself out!