Monday, January 15, 2007

counting chickens

its amazing really how ones outlook on life can change in a matter of moments. we had a fun weekend in sydney trying to get possum ready for flyball racing at the australia day comp only to be brought back to earth with the realisation that we were counting our chooks before they hatched. lets just say she still needs some work.

and then all the way home i was dreading coming back, its just so relentlessly hot and the neighbour from hell has been too quiet which has made me sus and i want to go work in the cool library but i cant leave the dogs at home all day by themselves with the current situation.

and then i do the monthly budget and realise with me not working we are set for another few months of abject poverty and you really wonder whether the whole phd thing is worth all that stress....part time jobs at coles start to look attractive.

and so im getting in the car to go get some groceries with my non-existent money only to see a guy in a suit pull up next door and start taking photos of the house belonging to the neighbour from hell. there's all sorts of angle shots of the house and the yard and then he goes inside. hes still inside when i come back from the shops.

i take this to be a very good sign that a certain house is going to get a FOR SALE sign put out the front of it (seeing as how shes a PROPER person who 'owns' (ie, owes-money-to-bank-for) her house, while we are just lowly renters).

all of a sudden the world seemed like a much better place. i dont care if im counting chickens on this one as well. it gives me hope.

k :)


Taphophile said...

Oooh, have you checked Allhomes yet? Just in case?

kylie said...

roflmao! you know i did do that about an hour after the guy left and then i stopped myself checking every five minutes after that. but now you mention it....

tooo cooool said...

You will have to find out when the open house is on so you can tell your prospective what a great place it is to live, it might get you a quicker sale.