Wednesday, January 10, 2007

doing laps and a hitchcock moment

i have now showered and breakfasted after my trip to the pool this morning, today i did 1km after yesterdays sad effort - only been a few weeks but so easy to lose your momentum. and then theres all that christmas pudding to lug around....but a few more days and i should be getting back up there. i was doing 2kms before holidays. and i have changed my pool routine, as its school hols the plan is get in and out early which means coming home still wet rather than showering there. this saves the hassle of carrying around soap, shampoo, towels, clothes etc. much more sensible.

except i was wrapped in my towel driving home when something terrible happened. i was nearly home when two magpies came flying out a tree having a fight and i swerved to avoid them but they flew straight into the side of the car! i swerved all over the road then pulled over and saw one bird hopping along the road while someone had stopped and picked it up and was getting back in their car. i just came home. i feel bad. should i have gone up to the rescuer and offered to take over the rescue or is it enough to know the bird was rescued? the weird thing is this is the third bird incident this week. on monday two parrots flew low across the road and one of them clipped the car but flew on, seemingly ok. this morning on the way to the pool in nearly the same spot as the parrots, a different bird flew low and nearly hit me. is there some hitchcock thing going on? or is it just all the baby birds learning to fly and they dont know about cars yet? anyway, its horrible and i feel like a nasty car driving earth wrecking human being right now.

on a lighter note, because i dont have kids to post cute pix of, here are the puppies this morning playing with one of the toys we found in the backyard upon return from holidays. im sure it belongs to the girl next door but given the situation, im keeping it. (hmm perhaps the bird attacks are karma for this pettiness?). anyway jem loves it cos it makes dog noises and he wont let possum play with it whereas usually she can take anything off him. very funny.

and no they are not on the bed. why would i have my working dogs lolling around on the human bed? shame on you for even thinking it!


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Taphophile said...

Wow, look at the intense concentration on Miss Possum's face. No wonder she's doing well with the sheep.

Freaky birds around your place.