Saturday, January 06, 2007

sick puppy

quick update on the condition of jem-the-tick-carrying cattle dog. he came home from hospital last night feeling pretty sad and sorry and couldnt walk at all:

he had had the anti-tick serum which can cause an allergic reaction but he had coped with that ok (i think i had a heart attack at the amount of money that one shot can cost) then he slept all night and has had some food and water and moved around a bit more today. this is the second time in a year he has been affected by a tick and its really knocked him around this time, not happy about it. they are really hard to find on him because of his thick coat and white skin so we dont find them until they are well attached. trent has been researching more virulent preventative measures for next time.

meanwhile jo has put up some photos on her flickr from camping and i forgot to mention that we went out for dinner the last night at the rosewood restaurant at riverwood downs and had a lovely dinner. trent decided he didnt like anything on the normal menu and had four desserts. yes thats right. four desserts. highly amusing.

thanks everyone for the kind thoughts re jem, will write replies etc later
k xx

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Jejune said...

Poor Jem :( I hope he's feeling better, and your wallet has recovered too.

My two cats were bitten by brown snakes (each cat bitten once)... The cost of the antivenin was about the same as intensive care, and more risky, so we ended up going the intensive care path. Horribly expensive, and tough on the cats, although they both survived. Whose idea was poisonous animals anyway?!