Thursday, January 11, 2007

hot outside

its going to be 38 here today and at 10am its already nudging 26. i have some kind of weird pathological fear of extreme heat. i have put the house in lockdown and am ensconced in my darkened office with cooler on. when i finish my chapter today i just realised that will be one half of the first draft done (not including intro and conclusion as they dont get done till everything else is perfect). im happy with how its panning out but i can see areas that i need more research for, but im not going to do that until the whole draft is done and i know exactly what im looking for.

i just went and did some errrands and found that i am a little bit twitchy and not in a good way - everytime i see a bird flying near the road i flinch. im going to crash into a tree or something if im not careful. bloody kamikaze birds.

and i would like to take this opportunity to direct you to one of my finer efforts in procrastination - the blog of the kamp kitchen koffee klub (the 4ks). trent doesnt like the title because he says you cant spell coffee with a k but you cant spell kitchen with a c, so the ks have it. the 4ks was established on our recent camping trip where we found out some of us are a little weird about our coffee obsession, so i thought it might be fun to document our camping with coffee adventures. i dont think there will be any knitting mentioned on that blog either. sorry!

have a good hot one
k xx

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