Tuesday, January 23, 2007

...like a record baby....

look what i got!

yes its a wheel! a spinning wheel. and it was FREE courtesy of the spinning fairy taph. (its a rescue wheel). its gorgeous, looks like an ashford traditional.

of course i have NO idea how to use it. apparently it missing some minor parts but i have no idea what they are or even what to ask for! i have no idea how to spin wool at all and i would be a very naughty girl if i took time out to learn now.

so getting it going and learning how to use it are to be delayed until after the first full draft is in and the cooler weather comes. then i think a trip to cooma may be in order, along with a fleece afternoon at my house.

in the meantime i sit and stare at it and think how pretty it is.

you spin me right round baby right round....


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Jejune said...

Congratulations on the wheel! It looks identical to the Ashford traditional wheel I rescued from a friends' garage for my daughter. You can get an 'Ashford Spinners Maintenance Kit' from Glenora Weaving (and probably other places as well). It has oil, and springs, and other bits and bobs :)