Wednesday, January 24, 2007

water, wool, words

this morning i set myself the task of swimming laps for one hour non stop (apart from slight pauses at end changes of course) . yesterday i swam hard and fast and made my muscles burn but was in and out in 30 minutes. today was MUCH harder. it was easier to swim it in a way because it becomes automatic after a while, arm over arm, breath, kick a bit, turn. but now i am a wreck. my hair and skin smell like chlorine even after a shower and my eyes are burning even tho i wear goggles. i am dizzy, keep bumping into walls, have an aching back and cant co-ordinate my fingers properly. how am i going to be able to hang onto tiny DPNs today?!

speaking of which, here is the second purple rain sock

which has come a long way if you compare it to its condition on being retrieved from the WIP basket on sunday. i completely forgot how to turn a heel, so much so that i forgot to slip the first stitch on each heel flap row which made picking up stitches along the instep a little difficult. i also forgot how much i love knitting socks. i cant get over the fact that you make this little triangle thing and then suddenly youre knitting in a completely different direction without having to cut the wool or anything! so now i am addicted to sock knitting again. i am also thinking seriously about what i wanted to knit myself for winter which is a brown cardigan but i cant find a simple, classic, no trizz, semi-flattering big girl pattern that isnt just a hessian sack with arms. i borrowed one from taph but wasnt happy with the test swatch or the wool i had scored for it, so now i will have to think about actually buying some project specific wool. AFTER i find the pattern of course.

on the words front, i have had problems moving on from finished chapter three to chapter four because i couldnt see how they related to each other, or how i could separate the bits i needed in chapter four from what i was planning to write in chapter five. so i had a long chat with a helpful person (subtext: NOT a supervisor) and realised all i needed to do was re-phrase chapter three to incorporate chapter four, and then move on the rest. i wont bore you with the details but suffice to say that chapter three/four are the empirical data chapters and i am not over my ethical dilemma re historical evidence. but im going to write that in, so it should be right now.

i think i can finish that by end of next week.

thats it for now, need coffee.....hmmm, shall it be lavazza or colombian fair trade this morning?!

k xx

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Taphophile said...

Yummy sock - my gawd it's almost finished!

Hang in there on all counts.