Monday, January 22, 2007

taking stock (warning: may contain fibre content)

all events have conspired against me. yesterday we got home from sydney about 3pm, we had been at flyball training and it was 38 degrees when we left sydney. it was 26 when we got home, windy and cool. devine. i sat on the lounge in front of the tennis and attempted a sudoku puzzle. i can now crack the kids one in the saturday herald but the adult remains beyond me. not surprising. but it was too much like brainwork, as was reading 'harry potter and the goblet of fire' for the third time (book seven comes out soon and i am re-reading them all in an attempt to locate the horcruxes and to work out who R.A.B is).

so instead i pulled my little basket towards me and reached in, taking out the nearly finished second lace washcloth square i intended to knit lots of to make into a blanket (this is the brown fibre that margie gave me last year). so i am knitting away, making a complete screw up of the first row back of course, but then getting into the swing of it. then on the local news i saw the story about the merino show that was held in canberra over the weekend and i felt a pang of fleece envy. i knew that my stitchnbitch ladies would be there, and i felt another pang of how few gatherings i have been to lately because of bloody dog things. i saw the wizened hands of a lady i didnt know gently spinning raw fleece into fibre and i thought, ah, perhaps spinning and i are not to be after all. perhaps i am merely a knitter. and a fair weather one at that, as trent pointed out.

but then i got a phone call. it was the spinning fairy, otherwise known as taph, telling me that the wheel she had wanted to give me was now in the same suburb as me and all i had to do was make a phone call, go round the corner, and it would be mine.

is this all a coincidence? i think not.

so then i decided to take stock. these are all the things currently sitting in my works in progress basket.

i have resolved to finish them. it is ridiculous only knitting in winter if only because the things i am knitting then do not get finished in time for me to WEAR them. so it would make sense to have some knitted woollen things ready to wear, and then start knitting some more. i have found the idea of knitting in summer somewhat difficult to contemplate, but i was out for dinner with a fellow sheep-dog trainer, who also spins and knits, recently, and she looked at me like i had two heads when i said i didnt knit in summer.

ok ok i get the hint. i will knit in summer. i will finish the second purple rain sock and continue with trents blue stripey socks and finish those before i ball up the two other skeins of sock wool i have, including the fabulous made to order berry stripey from our favourite spider. in the meantime i will experiment with washcloth lace pattern squares to sew up into the blanket, which i will need to take to herding practice in winter.

i will knit for one hour during lunch break from chapter hell. i will knit for two hours while watching crap tv at night time.

surely little sock needles and 4 ply sock wool cant make you sweat too much?!

a reinvigorated
k :)


Taphophile said...

Socks and little squares are THE BEST summe knitting - light weight on short needles and absolutely no bulk on the lap. Have fun.

Jejune said...

Congratulations on stepping into summer knitting! Socks are just right :)