Monday, January 29, 2007

first...the weekend

two posts today and i am keeping them separate for ease of reading.

first, what we did on the weekend:

1. drove to sydney. hot when we left canberra:

cold just north of goulburn:

very weird.

2. played flyball as part of austraya day celebrations at paramatta park. here are two teams from our club st george.

i think its the dragon flames on the left and the dragon slayers on the right. is that dave running like a girl? hehehehe...... (ps i hate australia day, all that icky nationalism. i know, i know, deport me now).

3. went to taralga to watch the yard dog trials:

here is robert (the australian champion) and chief

georgina and bess

jenny and joy

jenny did very well with joy, this was her first trial and she got 93 out of a possible 100. dont you hate that?! i had thought about maybe having a go with poss but changed my mind very quickly when we got there and i realised i was still wearing my pink crocs (shoes) and a flyball cap. note to self: start shopping at r.m.williams.

it was great to watch everyone go round, i learnt heaps watching this time and am feeling a bit more confident about my scheduled first trial at the bathurst show.

3. went out to dinner for daves birthday

netty and trent

tracey and simon. tracey does a litte dance!

trent, dave and jo. i told trent to 'stick your head in' but this isnt quite what i meant

the sensible end of the table: me, nath and simon.

great food. good fun. i think dave liked his present!

4. drove home on sunday exhausted. trent kept muttering something about throttling some little dog called holly?

sock progress in next post.


Dave said...

I was proud to run like a girl on Aussie day. I do like my present I could only think of one thing better, but supermodels are hard to come by.

kylie said...

apparently you can rent them to go to your school formal....

Jo said...

hey, keep on tinning like a girl if you have to Dave(what does that say about girls who run like boys then) we did come first and get a blue ribbon with first written on it! So what did trent get again??

Give up on the supermodels Dave, bad for your health.