Thursday, January 25, 2007

to picot or not to picot?

so now that i have nearly finished the purple rain socks (should be done in car tonight on way to sydney), i am thinking about the ones i want to make AFTER i have done trents blue stripeys. no im not very good at staying in the moment.

i have these two skeins to work with:

and i have a very good pattern that came with my first lot of spider wool all those months ago.

but i am thinking of trying something a bit different and am contemplating some picot edges. i found this pattern on black dog knits, and am wondering which wool would go best. (not sure about the ribbon. its cute - maybe too cute?)

the berry stripey is self striping so am not sure if picot edging would work. but these will be my favourite socks ever when done so i want them to be very special. the wool seems to deserve something more than a double rib beginning!

the red mottled one is close to the sort of wool used in the pattern and is not such precious wool so wont matter so much if i get it wrong.

has anyone ever done picot socks before and are they hard?

meanwhile, we are headed to sydney tonight so we can get up early for the aust day flyball comp at paramatta park. jem has recovered from his tick and is fit to race and we are going to give possum a go and see what happens!

we are staying over fri night and getting up early again on sat to come halfway home with our crazy dog friends to watch the yard dog trials at the taralga rodeo. our instructors will be there and i am working towards entering my first trial with possum at the bathurst show so need to watch as many trials as i can beforehand.

then we head back to sydney sat night for daves birthday dinner and come home exhausted on sunday!

will post lots of doggy pix on monday. have a good weekend.
k xx


happyspider said...

honestly, i dont think the sock is complicated enough to disrupt the stripe sequence. just cast on at the very beginning of a colour band and see how far it goes and if you are happy with it. and black velevt ribbon would be totally hot and not too cutesy i reckon

Taphophile said...
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kylie said...

ooh black velvet...good idea...