Friday, July 06, 2007

finished objects

alright!! the baby jacket is done. here it is all sewn up with no buttons or decorations:

and here it is fully decorated:

this is the pattern (in pink) that its supposed to be:

i went with cream (in merino bambino) because i started before we knew the gender of the baby, but now we know its a girl, called Lola, and her mum is not averse to a bit of pink herself, so i decided to stay traditional. the next thing for Lola is a matching set of pants, but i saw some fantastic red and red-striped bambino in craplight this morning and i think a matinee jacket if i ever get the recipe will look good in that.

i didnt think a baby jacket would be such hard work! too many small pieces, too much sewing up, but worth it :)

also finished today is my chapter for the book im co-editting (its all in that folder):

now i just need to write the conclusion and format everyone else's chapters. no problems.

also yesterday i became a proper fully fledged member of the gym ive been going to and i am annoyed that i didnt get time to go there today, which is a frightening thing for me to have just said. i apologise.

have a good weekend, esp to all those fibre whores in The Can, cant tell you how much i miss you guys

k xx


Georgie said...

Way to go, two big things finished (and a gym addiction started, so it seems!!). V proud of you and your book editorship.

The jacket has come up so beautifully, great job.

Aww shucks, nice to be missed - I think I can speak for at least a few other CFWs when I say we miss you too.

Fernicle said...

That jacket is adorable Kylie, absolutely beautiful!! I have not done any knitting for so long, I almost forget how. But rest assured that I have all my wools and my sock instructions so when we stop having sunlight 21 hours a day I will get back into it!

Tops work on the chapter too! As for the rest of the can do it, you can do it!!

Jejune said...

Wow, the baby cardy is just totally 100% adorable! Great job, despite the fiddly bits.

Congrats on the finishing of editing, and the new gym addiction - only way to make progress is to get addicted, really.

And, yes, it's all true, we miss you too!

Donna said...

Love the trimmings on the baby cardi, it looks gorgeous!

Olivia said...

What a gorgeous little baby jacket! The rosebuds are perfect with the cream.

Bells said...

that's a beautiful baby cardi Kylie. I really love it!