Monday, July 16, 2007

some knitting content

apologies for the raves of the last few posts which constituted no knitting news at all. to compensate, i have been busy on the weekend.

finally, i am blocking the bits of the BGK Lift and Separate wrap, seen here in Bendigo Rustic Agate, although the light is crap and this is not all of it and i dont have one monster arm and one tiny one, its a matter of perspective:

i also finished berry stripey number one:

this is the best fitting sock ive ever made myself, not tight, not loose, just right! i also tried out the stripey tigers idea of turning socks inside out before cheating with the three needle cast off:

beuatiful! it took a while for me to figure out how to turn a sock inside out when it had three needles still sticking out of it but i managed (obviously you feed it up through the hole the un-sewn toes are making) and then it seemed like a three needle cast off was a perfectly acceptable thing to do because no one can see it.

happy all round.

also on the weekend we went to sydney on sat for flyball training and then dinner with jo and dave followed by the harry potter movie (hence my new meez). it was great, fantastic, awesome, but did some grave disservices to the book, which i think was her best. new one out this friday. is harry a horcrux? i think not. will harry die? of course not, hes the boy who LIVED!

on that note, the 'place-that-cannot-be-named' awaits the presence of my new shoes.

have a good one, hope the exhibit opening was fab and you are all very proud!
k xx


TinkingBell said...

Well done on the L&S - looks great - have you finished the damn interminable K1P1s yet!!! Aaargh
Love the socks!

happyspider said...

oooooh lovely. :)
cant wait to see it all seamed, i trust we will get a little runway?
loving the sock :)
there may be somethin of interest to you on georgie's blog

Georgie said...

So glad to see more progress on the wrap. Love the sock too, it looks great!

Will email re sock yarn.

Enjoy the gym - run, kms, run!!

Taphophile said...

So excited to see the lift and separate in a state of near completion - very proud of you. I made sure there was sock yarn left for you - promise.

Caffeine Faerie said...

I can give you a fibonacci sequence for three colours that you can use with a sock pattern. (I used it in 2 beanies - one starting big block of colour first, and the other small colour first. Let me know if you're interested!


kms said...

hey cf yes please that would be great, i love your londonium beanie! you can email me at or just post it here, whatever. thanks heaps!!

Jejune said...

Can't wait to see the wrap top all sewn up! And the sock is gorgeous :)

I've just landed a rush commission to write a Harry Potter word search for The Sunday Age - so I'm immersed in all the special language of the books at the moment! And get yourself a copy of this Sunday's Age if you want to see it :)

Caffeine Faerie said...

Emailed! :)