Friday, July 13, 2007

no yarn

my tax refund came in overnight, and you know how i said i was going to buy yarn? i didnt. i bought stuff to go to the gym with instead. i cant tell you what strange behaviour this is for me.

and because there is nothing worse than someone crapping on about going to the gym (when other people do it i feel like throwing up, so i will shut up now), i have some pictures of my purchases instead.

new shoes:

asics gel cross-trainers reduced from 130 to 90.

new super duper sports bra:

no im not going to show you the whole thing, but gees louise, its like buying a bloody high tech electronic device these days! i bought a normal plain white one but i couldnt go past this hi-tech thing as well cos it had an Institute of Sport sticker on it and the straps have little bits of towel in them!

im hoping that these new things may make me at least run like lindsay wagner, if not look like her. hehe.

and i have promised trent some new sunglasses, and the subaru needs a service, so when those things are done, i'll think about yarn again.

god, im so responsible its sickening :)

ps on the yarn front, what do i have to do to get my hands on some of that german stash g-girl????


Georgie said...

Looks like that adrenaline addiction has taken hold!! Good on you for committing. As for not even a teeny tiny bit of yarn - you're a better woman than I am!!

Jejune said...

Well done, KMS, good to see you enjoying it all, which is the most important thing in this getting-fitter lark. Yeah, buying bras - shudder.