Wednesday, July 04, 2007

not bleagh

now for the good news.

jacket bits all done:

shoulders sewn and neck knitted up (no pattern-corrupting fairy here today, she is busy over at georgie's!):

chapter for book so close to finished its not funny and its good!

and i just bought some nice thick scotch fillet for dinner.

bite me, tofu.

k ;-)


Taphophile said...

Such a lovely wee jacket and bring on the flesh!

Georgie said...

Mmmm, steak....enjoy! The jacket is looking great, nice job on the neck. Keep an eye open for that fairy, she's probably bored hanging out with me by now, not much going on!

Olivia said...

I'm a vegetarian and I happen to like tofu (only firm tofu though). But I can totally understand why many people don't like it - it can have a weird texture and it doesn't taste of much. I buy the pre-marinated stuff which is probably not as healthy but they somehow get the flavour IN more. Anyway, I'd rather people didn't FORCE themselves to eat the stuff, it just makes them think I'm weird for liking it!