Thursday, July 12, 2007

goin' off

for once, not me! now i have decided a course of action my angst is gone. thanks for the kind thoughts on that front!

the surf's up today, as they say, but no one is surfing this beach as its pretty wild:

and some gratuitous dog pix - possum waiting at the bottom of the walkway for jem to chase her:

jem chasing her:

and some trent took the other day of possum posing by the pool (alliteration intended):

no real progress on the sock to report today. my next pair of socks are going to have a pattern in them or something and i am going to shout myself some lorna's laces. im sick of stocking stitch socks. probably get less ladders if they're lace too. thanks for the tips on the ladder issue. if i were still in The Can i would be attending a certain workshop next weekend and asking all about ladders in socks!

k xx


Donna said...

Wollongong SnB has a lot of sock knitters - just sayin' ;)

kms said...

according to my calendar there is currently nothing dog related happening on the last saturday of this month so i really hope to be there! complete with laddered socks. hopefully catch you there donna :)

Jejune said...

Your dogs must love being so close to the beach. Hell, YOU must love it! Just love that scenery...