Thursday, July 12, 2007

couldnt help myself

yes its two posts in one day and yes this one shows that i am knitting in the daytime, despite my statement yesterday that i dont do it.

but today i have to. i am copy-editing someone else's chapter for the book im co-editing, in a very complicated style (chicago. what the?) and its driving me crazy and its freezing inside and the sock was calling my name.

so i took my basket and set up camp outside:

the sun is lovely tho the breeze is cold and its fun to hear the waves crash and watch the kids ride past on their bikes, it being school holidays and all.

as for the sock, i am at 12cms on the foot now and probably need to get it to 17 for my hoofer.

i have also decided that my next pair of socks will be monkeys (everyone else is doing it, why cant i, although i really dont know how bells made these on a bus when there is a chart involved!). i am going to use this skein:

and make them for a friend, finally, after buying this yarn for her at last years kingston markets fibre whore day.

and then, i am going to make myself a pair in lornas lace shepherd sock yarn, either irving park, embers or red rover colourway. i already have pure red socks, so im thinking the irving park might be nice.

of course, i wont be doing that until my tax refund cheque arrives and i pay all the bills im ignoring!

and now its conveniently nearly 4pm and too late to do anymore work as i have to have a coffee, pack the car, and drive the dogs up to sydney for flyball training!

till tomorrow
k xx


Taphophile said...

Yarn by the beach in winter - I may have to move in.

Fernicle said...

Waves and knitting in the sun - you are too cruel! JJ and I will be chasing both this weekend, but I am currently sitting in the office watching rain patter down on my attic windows...mmmm...rather be at Kylie's place!

Bells said...

I did monkeys on the bus because the pattern becomes comfortingly familiar after you've done it a bit. And there are a few plain rows worked in there, too. You just get into rhythm. Oh and I didn't use the chart. I sort of half memorised the written out instructions.

Winter in wollongong doesn't look so bad after all! It looked a bit grim a week or two ago.

kms said...

it was indeed a beautiful day yesterday (although the wind was south-west so was cold cold cold) and you are of course all welcome anytime. id rather be in norway myself fern!!

knitabulous said...

Hi. This is my first time here - and I could be wrong but I think I recognise that beach. It wouldn't be Towradgi would it?
Next Thursday or Friday (25th or 26th) you should walk over to Corrimal Beach Tourist Park and say g'day to me - I'm on reception there.