Monday, July 09, 2007

a hit

thanks so much for all the comments re the baby cardi. despite the fact that all i can see are the errors, i must admit it did turn out kind of nice and the merino bambino is really lovely wool, i wouldnt mind a little cream cardi myself! it got handed over at the baby shower on saturday and everyone let out a big 'aaaah' when they saw it, and then they were really impressed when they realised id made it myself. i was surprised that people were surprised. non-knitters are weird.

i also gave mum-to-be the pair of socks i originally knitted for her ages ago, which she also really loved. its important to give things to the mum i think, not just to the baby.

so now i am starting the pants and beanie to match.

but first i made some progress on my berry stripey picot spider socks:

but this picture doesnt do the colours or the pattern justice, its the picot edge socks from blackdogknits so there is a row of eyelets that looks wonky right now but is going to have a cute velvet ribbon through it.

i love making socks, i just wish i were better at it.

and its a miserable old day here, rain and wind again, so im off to the gym and then to uni to do some admin. yawn.

hope you all had a great weekend, canberra girls please post pix of fibre day porn!
k xxx


Jejune said...

So glad your baby cardy and socks were a such a hit :) Yeah, I always make sure the new mums / mums-to-be get a gift too - they're doing most of the hard work, after all!

Sock is looking great - never fear, if you're that addicted, you'll keep improving!

Sorry, I missed the fibre day too, so no yarn pron from me, although I suspect that Taph and Spidey can make up for it!

Donna said...

I am seriously in love with the colours in that sock yarn!

Taphophile said...

Damn straight the gifts were a hit - how could anyone not be bowled over by hand-knitter goodness made with love. The best gifts of all!

That picot sock is looking seriously lovely.

Will post fibre porn as soon as I can photograph in daylight. Shouldn't be more than a couple of months. ;)

Bells said...

oh I so want to make that cardi for a new mum some time soon. I'm sure I must know one or two. I love the responses non-knitters have to these things.


he he

God that socks look fantastic. I am scared a picot edge and I don't know why.