Friday, July 27, 2007

how things seam

i have been so busy this week that i have been a bad blog lurker, just reading, no commenting, so im sorry about that. i am frantically trying to finish editing this manuscript to send to the publisher before the beginning of august - the book is already listed for pre-orders on amazon and we havent delivered the ms yet! and some professors seem to think they dont need to reference all these obscure articles they read back in the 70s that arent available anymore but im meant to find them! aaaagh!! anyway, its getting done.

i also started back teaching this week, i am teaching a third year social policy course down at the shoalhaven campus and i love teaching there, i had a big class, lots of mature age women, they were great. also doing a first year politics up here. i looked up my prospective students on the database. *sigh*.

anyway, in between all that i have managed to start seaming the L&S wrap:

i am using mattress stitch and it really does seam much better than back stitch. if you are patient enough to do it properly. this is a big If for me.

the fabric has blocked beautifully, its really smooth and flowing and i have done the shoulder seams so at least can report that it appears as though it may actually fit.

this is something of a consolation given my record in this department.

also, great news. i found a proper LYS. i have been going to craplight because i have heard mention of this place in fairy meadow somewhere but couldnt find it and i turned down the street towards the supermarket in a different direction today and there it was. i slammed on the brakes and ran inside. there was patonyle! vintage hues! heirloom! even lovely great hanks of naturally, and addi turbos too! i nearly bought some black patonyle and some new turbos but put them back, given that i just bought all that black from bendigo, and owe george a bit of german sock money, and dont have, and am not going to buy, any of the jo sharp silk road i wanted to knit beanies with on addi circs.

it was hard to put things back but at least i know this shop is there now, and very close to home, and all is not lost.

k xx

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Georgie said...

Keep up the good wrap work (mattress stitch is certainly worth it - I always ask my finisher to use that hahaaha).

Yay for a decent LYS! But not for budgets, *sigh*