Thursday, July 19, 2007

the yarn goddess

firstly, the latest project - the baby pants to match the jacket, coming along nicely:

secondly, a few posts ago i may have mentioned something about looking for new yarns and new projects, and i do believe i fantasised about some lorna's laces and a certain monkey-sock pattern.

in the last 24 hours the yarn goddess has decided to take pity on me and my pathetic stash (trust me, there is not enough to bother with ziplock bags). since the whole move back to the coast thing money has been rather tight, but things have eased up this week and i was able to buy two, not one, but two yarn magazines at the uni shop, thus restoring my faith in our usually crap uni shop:

in these said magazines are not one, but MANY, new and interesting sock patterns. like the boot length ones in interweave, that involve so many shifting of stitches from one needle to another that it would not be humanly possible to get ladders. then theres the gorgeous girly swirly ones in yarn that cleverly look like cables but arent!

i also had a moment of knitting creativity (rare for me) and thought, i know, i'll knit fibonacci sequence socks/wrist warmers/beanies for my husbands dog sports club. black, red and white are their colours and a fibonacci sequence will liven things up a bit. the lovely caffeine fairie and jejune have given me some info on how to go about it and i finally got to put some money on my visa debit card and ordered a ball of each from the fantastic new bendigo online store. how much do we love having bendigo online!

and then, my friends, what should arrive in the mail today but a package from the German Sock Yarn Queen.

look at my loot!

first, a lovely delicate opal, which has Christmas Gift written all over it:

second, the most gorgeous cotton (perfect for some lace booties i think):

(by the way, how is it that i went all the way to italy and didnt come back with half a tonne of lana grossa? i mean really, what was i thinking?

and then, lo and behold, after i just read two articles about this fabulous new stuff, some bamboo:

do you not think this colourway is TOTALLY me?! and what a lovely shine the bamboo gives it.

now i am all stocked up with things to make before christmas, my next post will definately be a whinge about so many projects, so little time!

we are off to albury this weekend for a dog sport thing and im sure it will be nice and cold and i will be grateful i dont live inland anymore.

k xx
ps i love you george!

pps no i have not yet started seaming/knitting on endless 1x1 rib bands for the wrap, but its all blocked (comes up beautiful and smooth) and will start that after the weekend away. parade will follow. along with posts about how much i hate seaming and why i cant read patterns properly.


Bells said...

I do remember thinking when you got back from Italy something along the lines of, 'is she mad????'

he he

You've got some great ideas happening at the moment. Great to see.

Make monkeys!!!

Jejune said...

Oooooh pretties!! I'm very jealous of that bamboo - haven't ever knitted with the stuff before, but would love to one day!

Enjoy your time in Albury - hope the dogs do their things well :) (Don't I just sound like I know what I'm talking about LOL?)