Friday, February 08, 2008


i am so tired i could cry. or just put my head down on this pile of books and sleep. for about a month. the closer i get the more exhausted i get. i think its so exhausting because i am also quite exhilarated - yesterday i finished off all the revisions and even added footnotes as per suggestions from the dd*, and then i sent the whole new draft off to some objective people for them to have a quick look, and got a phone call about 2 hours after that with some great suggestions for tightening up the more personal elements of the intro. the suggestions were quite exciting, its amazing how a couple of comments about how innovative your work is can undo years of damage. so i have a bit of tweaking to do this morning (if you care, i need to write a paragraph or two about how i am writing social ontology back into the categories of history. if your eyes just glazed over thats ok im used to it arent i pumpkin**?). but yes, its exhausting. social ontology is exhausting.

the pumpkin left for work before 6 this morning and i couldnt get back to sleep so i made coffee and wound a skein into a ball for my next project. considering i dont have a ball winder, this is how winding goes at my place:

very hi-tech. it took a while, as this is 150g of 4 ply polwarth/silk. i provide coffee cup for perspective - beginning:



this ball is NOT for socks. thats right, its time to start something else. knitting lace socks is proving too difficult at the moment, but i am missing having something more complicated OTN, so i am going to make the lacy leaf scarf, like the one bells made (sorry, ravelry link). i have thought long and hard about the right project for this yarn, i wanted it lacy but not something too open as the yarn is dark and has a nice halo about it that would obscure a complicated lace. i think this pattern will be just right.

i am hoping to cast it on today but i also need to cast on the second of my patonyle ankle sock to take away this weekend. we are going to michelago for some sheep-herding practice with the dogs, its my last time going down there as its too expensive and i have achieved what i wanted with miss princess-possum, but it will be fun. possibly cold and wet too. but plenty of knitting time. can i make an ankle sock in a weekend? no lacy scarf knitting tho, that one stays home.

ok, back to the tweaking.

have a great weekend

k xx

*dd: the dynamic duo, my nickname for the official supervisors. holy post-marxism batman.....

**he hates when i call him this but i cant help it, sorry, it just slipped out.


Rose Red said...

Hee hee - if he hates pumpkin then maybe you should try something "bunny blossom face". He'll be begging you to call him pumpkin.

And I guess a ball winder & swift is on your wishlist?! Lovely yarn - I think it will be lovely in the lace leaf pattern.

amy said...

Oh, I have no idea what you're studying! Help!

I don't have a ball winder, either. Sometimes I use my Tinker Toy swift, but I'm still winding it round my thumb. I've had lots of practice, though, and it's not so bad now.

TinkingBell said...

Love love love my ball winder -love it when simple mechanisms do something perfectly!
You sound much happier!

Bells said...

Perhaps you ought to add Ball Winder and Swift to your post-pensky celebratory gifts!

Thta's gonna make a great lace leaf scarf. Please post progress shots as soon as you can!

Pumpkin is cute. But try Muffin. He might like that better.

Or Sweet Cheeks.

Or Bunny Blossom Face. Because that made me laugh out loud.

lilypotter said...

Gorgeous yarn! I don't have a ball winder either. I usually just hook the yarn around my knees, but chairs seem much easier. I'll have to try that next time. I can't wait to see how the scarf knits up; I bet it will be great!

Stell said...

it was 2 years of post grad post doc education theory before I actually grasped what ontology and epistemology actually could be, not that I am able to explain them to any one coherently. Go girl, i'm impressed.

Michelle said...

I got a ball winder and a swift because the old swift - AKA Mr QM - was HOPELESS and use to drop his arms and get bored too quickly. It was far easier forking out $90 of ebay for the two of them, and there are a lot less screaming matches in our house now! Cheaper than marriage counselling, too.