Wednesday, February 13, 2008


at long last it is said.

if saying it makes any difference i will say it every day for as long as i live. it is the great shame of this country that we took so long to do it, and that there is even a question about whether we should. it is the great shame of this country still that there are people who think we have nothing to be sorry for. people who want to blame aboriginal people for their own situation, as though history didnt happen. people who care more about money than about love. people who think that they didnt do it, so why should they say it? to those people i would remind them that everything they have as a white person in this country has come at the expense of the aboriginal people.

i have cried a few times today, at the speech, at the response, listening to pat dodson now at the press club.

and because the pensky is done. i dont think i can talk about that yet.


k xx


2paw said...

Yes, at long last a Sorry. Very excellent day. Good news about The Project!!!

m1k1 said...

I only saw a part of Pat Dodson's Press Club address. He is an impressive man, isn't he? Let's hope the politicians and bureaucrats can match his standards as they attempt to take the next step towards proper reconciliation.

Rose Red said...

Ooh, hope I can catch Pat Dodson on telly tonight.

And Pensky - Finished! Way to drop that in the conversation!! (not surprised you don't feel like talking about that yet)