Sunday, February 03, 2008

no country for anyone

yesterday was a lovely diversionary day, we went for a long walk (like 6kms, ouch) along the harbour front and stopped for juice and coffee at kiosk north next to diggies at north beach, and next time anyone from anywhere comes to visit the gong, we are going there for brunch, australia day or not!

then we went to see no country for old men at the movies, it finally came to wollongong, and i have been dying to see it as i read the book by cormac mccarthy (who i adore) a while ago, and trent just read it recently, and its a coen brothers movie and i do so love their films. it wasnt as good as the book, but it was still very good and very thought provoking.

i wonder though how you condemn an increasingly violent and disrespectful world by making an extremely violent movie? the book was better in that regard. but it is a worry when you find yourself agreeing with tommy lee jones when he says 'ah reckon its awl over when people starp sayin' sir and ma'am'. indeed it is.

i also am now past the gusset and headed down the foot on this little beauty:

lovely (except i do wonder who decided the baby poo yellow was a good idea?).

i am feeling much better about things, thank you every one for your kind words. i had some other meetings on friday and generally people all say the same things, its too late for them to exert any influence now, its my project, my choice of examiners, i just need to fall over the line. i do feel like my confidence in my work has taken a bit of a blow but i will spend this week tightening things up and that will help.

we are supposed to be going to sydney this arvo for flyball training but its starting to rain and knowing some people, they may chicken out, so perhaps i will get the ankle sock finished today after all.

hope you are all having lovely relaxing weekends.

k xx


Jo said...

chicken! ?? the pathway in my back yard is under three inches of water and I can't find Kobe's snorkel! Go knit ankle socks, eat chocolate icecream. You know you want to.

amy said...

Wow, that yellow is EXACTLY the color of baby poo. Huh.

2paw said...

I'm not exactly au fait with the whole actual baby pooh colour but I take your point!!!! I've used that colourway and apart from the BP Yellow it is lovely, maybe even in spite of it. We are waiting for rain. Possibly this afternoon.
Glad the Project is almost at an end!!!

Rose Red said...

Interesting points about violence - reminds me of the cricket - where poor behaviour and poor dress standards are justified by saying the game is "professional" now. Yeah? Well act like it!
*end rant*