Monday, February 11, 2008

under the knife.

in a rather surprising turn of events, i have just returned from having a piece of my left facial cheek removed. the specialist who i thought i was just consulting with today decided it should come off. now. probably better to not have had time to think about it. 'it' is now floating in a jar going off to pathology to make sure its nothing more serious than a surface thing. the man with the knife didnt seem to think so, tho he did note some other little spots in the vicinity that might be nothing, and informed me that its likely i will get another one of these. nice. i drove home from maroubra to wollongong and am feeling a little tired. its a bit bruised and there are stitches but otherwise its ok.

i am also tired from the weekend. it was COLD in michelago. what is it doing being cold in that part of the world in the middle of summer? we all whinged a bit and then rugged up and took shelter:

possum and i decided that moving sheep at a leisurely pace around a paddock was a lot more fun than running after them and yelling at each other:

we even had time to stop and smell the grass (no roses in this paddock):

she also did lots of 'backing':

seriously good fun, we had a great time, worked really well as a team, got lots of compliments from people, even robert (mr australian handler of the year, thanks very much):

i feel like i know what im doing now. oh, and there was wool around. did i mention that?

lovely photos courtesy of trent. aka pumpkin. i think hes a bit of an artiste.

some knitting was done as well:

i did not finish the second ankle sock, that might take me another day or two, and i havent started the lace leaf scarf, i am going to save that for post-pensky now. speaking of which, i have had comments from two other academics who both think it is ready to be examined. thats three people who think that. four if you count me. thats four against two. you lose, dynamic duo.

some minor clarifying sentences and some formatting to do now, then final draft by wednesday.

too tired to think more now. need chocolate. mmmm honeycomb crunch timtams.....

k xx


Michelle said...

No! Facial cheek slices are no good! I have troublesome moles so I can fully sympathise. Hope everything is OK.

It *was* cold down here this weekend! You were right to whinge. Pumpkin's photos are amazing. Action shot of Possum on the back! Beautiful!

I am so pleased to hear about the pensky being on the way to examination. It will be an exciting day!

Jejune said...

Oh shudder, just reading about the facial slicing makes me feel ill.... hope it's all OK and that the damage heals quickly.

Great photos of Possum and the wool sheds - my brother trained as a wool classer in his youf... brings back memories!

VERY good news on the Pensky, I think the Dynamic Duo have done their dash... nearly there! You'll get there, buoyed up by chocolate :)

2paw said...

Oh I hope you are feeling lots better. What a shock!!! But at least it is done. Love the farm pictures too. The Labradors have never been to a farm. I saw 3 new kinds of TimTams and another flower shaped chocolate biscuit too. I can't have chocolate, but I like to keep up with the news!!! Good luck with the 'Examining'!! I do think you are casting aspersions on the Real Dynamic Duo though!!!!!

amy said...

Dermatologists do tend to do that! I was disconcerted the first time one said, Oh, we'll just slice that right off and check it out, and then BOOM! ten minutes later it was done. Now I appreciate not having to make another appointment on another day and worrying about it (and figuring out where to leave the kids). I hope you get the results quickly so you don't need to spend energy worrying about it. Good luck!

TinkingBell said...

Good to have it over and done with I suppose - but rather disconcerting! Glad the Pensky is ready and willing, examination wise!!

Rose Red said...

Love seeing dogs running around on sheep backs. And farmer types leaning over the fences having a yarn. (not that kind of yarn!)

I think definitely better to have it off now rather than later (that sounds a lot ruder than it is meant to!!) - then you don't have time to worry about it. Hope it's all ok.

MadMad said...

I don't know where I've been that I've missed all these great posts! Anyway, that is sooooo cool to have a herding dog! And I thought *I* was such a good trainer. You must have been rolling your eyes.

And about the other thing - well, I can't even talk about it because it is my scariest nightmare, but I'm glad you didn't have to suffer the waiting, and I hope it's nothing. I'm sure it's nothing. And I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Bells said...

Gosh will you be scarred Kylie? I mean, i know it's good to, as RR said, have if off (ahem) but I am vain and can think only of scars!!