Thursday, February 21, 2008

who let the dogs out.....

i am off in about 30 minutes to the nations capital for the 10th national flyball championships being held at the canberra royal show. we have singles and pairs racing tomorrow and then team racing on saturday and sunday. our team, the st george phoenix, are the number two seeds. it will be hard work for us to beat the number one seeds who are like the roger federas of flyball with a best time of 17.33 (national record) when our best time is around 18.4 seconds (unofficial). but we will have fun trying. i will be thinking of nothing else, oh except maybe some sock knitting, and how gross that canary yellow acrylic crochet poncho is. i definitely wont be thinking about how some people still refuse to bite the bullet and sign off on the pensky and are now insisting that i wait another week so we can all meet together because for some reason there just isnt time to meet before the 29th. like, whatever.



Michelle said...

I'll probably see you there! My trip away is off.

2paw said...

Yes, but Roger Federer was beaten this year. Never give up, never surrender!! Be it Fly ball or the Pensky!!!