Monday, February 04, 2008

monday already

and its raining. this is what it looked like at 7am.

i had a lovely weekend, and we did get to do some flyball training, and i got this much of the ankle sock done:

but now here it is monday and the pensky file will wait no longer. i got a response from supers last night to my 'please explain?" email and they have backed away from some of their larger criticisms and given more concrete manageable advice. there is still quibbling about the official end date and examiners but i will cross those bridges once this 'rewrite' is done.

and today is superbowl sunday in the US. i dont mind a bit of beefcake football, so will probably go watch it and work on the laptop. and i will be thinking of amy jumping up and down and screaming in her lounge room on the other side of the world. go patriots!

k xx

edit: dear amy. im very sorry for your loss. thinking of you at this terrible time. xx


Taphophile said...

Wet here, too. Brilliant day to have to walk to work - almost dry now.

The sock is coming along beautifully. Thinking strong thoughts for Pensky File.

Jejune said...

Very glad that standing up for yourself has brought about some change in their attitudes - often happens that way with bullies.

Great progress on the sock! I have a pair on anklets in that same yarn, it's kinda weird seeing them evolving on someone else's blog ;)

TinkingBell said...

I'm so pleased yu are making progress with the (un)supers!! and the socks look great - bugger patons for the Patonyle assassination! Lovely rain here too!

Georgie said...

So calling their bluff has worked. Why am I not surprised? But excellent news and a positive way forward.

amy said...

Thank you. I'm trying to catch up on the knitting blogs while ignoring the sports blogs and ducking the hateful comments left on our Patriots blog. I feel like attacking all the mean people with my sharp, pointy sticks.

I am glad you're getting more helpful advice on the pensky file.