Friday, February 15, 2008

weird things

firstly it is weird to not be working on the pensky. i havent sealed up the box because its not really over yet and the fact that i have not had an acknowledgement of my email with the final thing attached, from one of the DD, suggests to me that there is still a bit of fighting to do. but i have been reassured by those who support me that i have acted correctly and i can hand that fight over to others if need be. i wont be at ease until its printed and submitted, so until them i am at a bit of a loose end.

not that i dont have anything to do. while i was working on the pensky it appears as though a whole warren of dust bunnies have taken over the house. thank god for the dyson. there is a small mountain of washing that requires moving. who says you have to wear clean clothes every day?

there is research work to do that i got paid for before xmas. the index for the volume. dogs to walk. cars to wash (oh wait, i never do that last one...)

but you get my drift.

in other weirdness, yesterday was some sort of hallmark holiday that we generally dont celebrate around here. however, someone gave me these:

hand made liqueur ones from electric bean near trents work (they have this great barista there called george apparently who makes a great naked ristretto so we are going up there tomorrow with jo and dave for a 4k adventure). someone got these in return:

not bad for a not-valentines-day.

also my stitched up face is feeling very weird. the swelling and bruise has subsided but it sure is pulled nice and tight. apparently this is stitched in such a way that scarring should be minimal. i thought you might like a look at it:

but then again, maybe not!




Rose Red said...

Gee, you'd think the doctors could have given you a little smiley face scar or something, wouldn't you. Or a "PhD" scar. That'd be cool! (sort of...).

LOVE the dyson. Love it!

Bells said...

RoseRed is too funny. Your face is not. Ouch. I hope that heals up nicely. If it doesn't, get Trent to get you another box of those amazing looking chocolates (that probably tasted even better than they look!)

TinkingBell said...

Can you grab an eyebrow pencil and turn it into a pirate scar thingy (Yaaaarrrrn!!)?
Nice Val Day haul!