Tuesday, February 19, 2008

a good fairie

yesterday a little fairie made my day, with this box that arrived in the mail:

yes, chocolate, but also the most beautiful piece of hand made thoughtfulness:

thats right, a clapotis!:

hand made, blocked, washed in something that smells divine, all for me! i have never received a hand knitted gift before and i think being a knitter makes you appreciate it more, knowing the time and effort that goes into these things. also when you read peoples blogs and you know they are not always having an easy time themselves but they still find time to think of you. thank you so much caffeine fairie, you made my week!

i also got some good news from the knife wielding skin doctor in sydney yesterday. he said i definitely had a basel cell carcinoma but he thinks he got it all and if youre going to have skin cancer you should have one of those rather than other types. he tookout the stitches and there is going to be scar because of where it is and how big it was, but he did a very good job and was pretty chuffed with his own handiwork, so i felt a great deal of relief after that. you dont realise how exhausting it is being worried about stuff until you stop worrying. i even had a nap when i got home.

because we are going away this weekend coming (the flyball national championships at the canberra royal, our team wears red shirts and has two kelpies in it if you want to pop by the main arena and check it out) i am saving my sock knitting for car/camping etc.

so i have finally cast on something with the polwarth silk, a lace leaf scarf:

the wool is quite fine, might even only be 3ply, so the recommended 3.75 needles were too big. i am on 3.25s which still feels weird and is making a slightly thinner scarf but i like thin and long in a scarf. so far its a lovely pattern, but now that ive seen one i reckon i couldve made a clappy out of this yarn!

k xx


amy said...

I am glad the doctor is confident that he got everything. Phew. Glad all looks okay.

And the scarves! That green is so vibrant. It's like spring incarnate. And your lace leaf scarf looks beautiful.

Rose Red said...

Lovely clappy - what a fantastic gift, and don't you deserve it! What a lovely caffeine fairy!

Love your lace leaf scarf too, I think it's a great choice for yarn and the right needle size.

Good luck with the doggies on the weekend (go Red!)

Bells said...

goodness me! What a wodnerful gift! I watched that grow so it's lovely to see it's gone to a deserving home.

LOVE the scarf. Great colour. It looks familiar and yet so surprisingly different to mine.

Eek about the face stuff. It'll be a scar to be proud of now, I think!

Taphophile said...

So glad the doc did good work - better out than in and all that ;).

The scarf is looking lovely.

When are you competing?

MadMad said...

Aw man - Blogger just ate my comment! But what I said was Phew! I'm so relieved to hear the doctor thinks he got it all. I've been worried - you were my first Bloggy visit now that I'm back. I can't imagine how stressful it was for you, on top of everything else (the dissertation, etc.) So, anyway. Phew. That is good news.

Hey, cute socks! Love the Clappy and the scarf you're working on, now, too - pretty, pretty pattern!

lilypotter said...

So glad the doctor said everything's going to be okay! It's nice to get good news.

Love all the knitting- nice pics of the clapotois, btw!