Tuesday, February 27, 2007

about the show

i am feeling a bit blah today, the beginnings of some kind of coldy flu type thing, which is appropriate considering its raining (yay) and i start back at teaching this week (hmmm....) so this post is going to be a bit whiny.

firstly the show. jem was racing in the flyball competition. jem likes his flyball. some may say a little bit too much. hes a little bit hard to handle in the ring. to cut a long story short jem was involved in an altercation in the ring with one of his team mates, cobber the kelpie, and jem was black carded, ie, excused from the competition. ie, sent home to think about his behaviour. he may now get suspended from flyball for a while. this affects the whole team obviously, and everyone was very upset and it wasnt much fun after that.

but i ask you, does this look like a dog that should be black carded?!

seriously, hes a cattle dog. what more do i need to say?

at least i got to see some other parts of the show this year. i saw the hand knitting displays, some nice work there. i really liked the spinning, there were people there doing it and the hand spun that won prizes was lovely. i saw the lady selling opal but i didnt buy any, i have enough sock wool and if i buy anything else it will be some jo sharp silkroad to make beanies with. i did get some knitting of my own done, the band for the wrap is coming along and the first waratah sock now has a turned heel.

i watched lots of the yard dog trials in preparation for my trial this coming weekend and talked to my instructors about what i would need to do compared to what the competitors i saw were doing. i came away feeling relatively confident. in their own trials, my instructors did well, jenny scored a 94 out of 100 in the first round of the open with dude but robert ended up beating her in the final, coming equal second with sarge. he also got second in improver with chief, so they were happy at least!

the only thing i brought, apart from coffee, was this little make up purse which i have put my scissors, pins, tape measure etc in.

the best part of the weekend was having jo and dave to stay over, with 6 extra dogs! possum had a great time running around with kobe and annie the puppy, very cute. while making potato salad i did however, manage to nearly slice off the end of my finger. gross photo warning:

well, if spidey's gonna do it, so will i!

unfortunately this injury makes knitting harder rather than easier. but thats ok, i'll soldier on :)

ok enough whinging from me.



Taphophile said...

Owies to the finger - poor you. Poor Jem, too. Such an innocent face. Hope to see you Thursday.

Fernicle said...

Jem black carded - no way! How could they with a face like that!! Glad to see you are back into the knitting, I will be too when all my equipment arrives. it is currently somewhere on a ship between Australia and Norway...mmm...as for Harry being a horcrux oh my god, I never thought of that! I reckon you are spot on! That is how he dies, he kills himself to rid the world of evil once and for all, who needs J.K. we could write this stuff!!

kylie said...

hey taph, missed last night due to cold, will miss thursdays all this session as i am teaching in w'gong till 530. fingers crossed for a sunday soon, otherwise the next time tuesday rolls around. if you need your book back give me a yell and i can drop it over

fern you would not believe what people think along the horcrux lines - check out the forums

Margie said...

Aaiiee!! Finger badness!

Sorry to hear about the cold. Honey and lemon ahoy!

Jo said...

Jem will be back, Kobe told me so! No escaping the team.

happyspider said...

/considers posting pics of her stitches

kylie said...

oh go on! i wanna see!!