Friday, February 23, 2007

red not pink

contrary to appearances i do do something in life other than post to this blog. i have a few thousand words of the new chapter, a perfectly clean house with two guest beds made up for the weekend's visitors, cookies in the oven, and a load of washing on.

but just because i wanted to prove that the red picot socks are red not pink as they have previously appeared i took them outside:

see? red. this yarn is from 'waratah' (?) hand dying from bundanoon and i actually think they remind me of a waratah flower with the different shades of red. so they are my waratah practise-picot socks.

meanwhile i figured out how to do a provisional cast on (good lord is c*****t tricky or what?) and here is the beginning of the wrap project in bendigo wool:

you start with the bottom band, which is 15 stitches in single rib and do like 150 rows of that and then when you get to the end of the band you turn the work 90 degrees and knit the back in stocking stitch. weird.

i will miss the surprise bonus snb this sunday even tho it is in my neck of the woods because i am at the canberra show for the weekend helping out with the flyball and also watching the yard dog trials in preparation for my own trialling debut next week (eeeeck!). if you come to the show, look for the teams of madly barking dogs running over the four jumps to grab the tennnis balls. our team is in red and black and our dog is the only red cattle dog racing (my husband races him). decide for yourself if the humans or the dogs are the crazy ones.

have a good one
k :)


Taphophile said...

And the picot is kind of like the pointy flowery waratah bits. I LERV waratahs - one of my very favourite flowers.

Best of luck with the show.

Bells said...

i still love those socks. Which pattern is it?

I learned provisional crochet cast on a few months ago too - cool once you know it but a little fiddly to get there!

Jejune said...

The sock looks beautiful, I love the rich colour :)

I'm keen to make that wrap top too - the Bendigo wool looks gorgeous, I'm keen to see it 'in the flesh'.... and yes, I've read through the pattern and thought the start was pretty unconventional too!

kylie said...

the sock pattern is really just the yarn harlot basic recipe for longer-than-usual ankle socks that fit my feet! with any old picot edging. when i get serious they will be the picot eyelet socks from blackdog knits. see

the show was an unmitigated disaster but will post about it later!