Thursday, February 15, 2007


i hate the crass consumerism of valentines day (and almost any other hallmark holiday) and so there was an agreement not to partake. regardless, someone came home with something for me:

hmmmm mozart chocolates. they were giving these away on the plane to amsterdam via vienna last year (2006 was 250 years since mozarts birth) and i kept all my little wrappers. now ive got the whole tin. mozart chocolates arent crass valentines day consumerism are they?

in return i finished the first of trents blue stripe socks:

it looks weird in this photo because of the angle but it looks good on:

unfortunately the lazy option of the three needle cast off does take away from the finished product, i think i will graft the toe properly on the next one.

which i hope to have finished by easter!

ps am sending away for my rustic agate today.....nervous....


Anonymous said...

oh yes really, and how much is that?

kylie said...

well mr not so bloody anonymous $48 and 15 cents, because i have to order before the 23rd to get a 10% discount. at least its in the budget. i dont see no line item called 'chocolates'. if you will leave me alone about the wool you can have the tin.

Bells said...

love the socks. I have the same wool ready to go for my hubby's first pair of socks. Glad to see it knits up so well!

Looking forward to seeing the agate!

Taphophile said...

Domestics on the blog? Who needs soap operas. $48 is very good for a jumper, BTW.