Tuesday, February 20, 2007

picot saga

there has been quite a saga in the making of simple picot edges for socks. i want to do fancy picot eyelet socks with my berry stripey but didnt want to ruin them so thought i would practise plain picot edges first with the waratah hand dyed i got last year at the kingston markets (its actually a lot darker red than in the photos below). i got some 2.75 mm dpns and off i went - casting on 66 stitches (22 on each needle), 6 rounds knit, one round eyelets (k2tog, yo, rpt) 6 rounds knit.

the first attempt went well and then there was the folding over and picking up the cast on stitch and knitting it together with the stitch on the needle. this went well on needle one and then went all twisted and puckered on subsequent needles, so that the facing was all sloping in odd directions.

this got frogged in the car on the way home from sydney.

attempt number two was made yesterday at lunchtime and for some reason the simple process of k2tog yo eluded me and the eyelets werent really eyelets after that.

frogged again.

attempt number three was made last night.

heres how it looked:

1. the eyelets are done:

2. the first needle of folding over looks ok:

3. something resembling a picot edge emerges:

i did drop a stitch in the eyelet row and had to pick it up back through several rows, and i managed to end up with 22-21-20 stitches (wtf?!) so had to do some quick increases so i dont think my eyelets are quite even, but i am happy enough with this for now. the second sock should see some improvement.

im quite sure that picot edges werent meant to be this difficult...



Jejune said...

I think it looks pretty good! Well done in persevering too.

The whole knitting-into-the-cast-on -row to make the hem is really fiddly, isn't it... I did a simple hem (no picot edge) on my latest pair of socks. Looks lovely, but very fiddly.

I love the wool, beautiful deep reds :)

Taphophile said...

Fiddly but saves sewing up - must try it some time. Looks great to my, Kylie. Forgot about it being show weekend - hope it goes well for you.