Thursday, February 22, 2007

gauge tension

what a witty little play on words for a post title.

seriously tho i have, as promised, knitted a tension square of the bendigo for the wrap project. the pattern calls for 21 st and 26 rows over 4 inches (10cm) in stocking stitch on 3.75mm needles. i cast on 27 stitches so i could do the little border to stop it curling up and knitted three rows then did the 26 rows of stst, then 3 rows plain. so for my tension i am just measuring the stst part in between the borders. i dont know if this is the right way to do a tension square, the yarn harlot has another method in 'rules' but i wanted to see what would happen if i knitted exactly what the pattern called for, and i wanted to knit enough to see what the yarn looked and felt like.

here is my first attempt:

so not even close. then i read the bit about washing and blocking your tension squares and i got a better result stitch wise:

row wise it is about 1cm short:

but patterns are always too long for me anyway as i am about 5 foot nothing and its easier to add a row or two as i go. it seems to me to be more important to get stitch gauge.

what do you think? should i try again on smaller needles and go for row gauge as well?

here is a pic of it outside so you can see the colours.

its a little more purpley than this and it blocks lovely and soft with lots of drape in it and everyone says its a good colour for me. perfect.

unless anyone thinks i should knit another square im going to start it today. i have to start with a provisional cast on. this meant purchasing a c****et hook this morning. ick.

k xx


Bells said...

oh no I wouldn't bother with row gauge. I'm sure it was the Yarn Harlot who said you can always just add enough rows to get the right length but you can't add stitches to the side or take them away if it's not wide enough.

Good work on the swatching. I've become a big fan of it now and really enjoy it.

Again I say, I love Bendigo!

Anonymous said...

You want to gauge tension. Hang around the "snaps" at the Royal Canberra show. Defiantly no needles or sharp implements alowed in the vicinity.

kylie said...

hmm 'purls' of wisdom. we all know what damage a steel dpn can do...