Monday, February 05, 2007


well i am a silly girl and left my camera in the back of debs car so cant post pix of my weekend until she sends it back to me. but it was a lovely weekend, beach, food, movies (stranger than fiction, hilarious), trip to bowral, and can you believe it, the wool shop was closed. wtf?!! so no sample buying for cardigan pattern. grrr. might have to shop local after all. its been recommended that i try bendigo and i have not knitted with anything of theirs for a while so i think a phonecall might be in order.

still going on trents blue stripey socks but have finished my entrelac sample. my top edge triangles are a bit wonky but it will work for a blanket. will leave that for a bit now. am dying to try my fancy picot eyelet socks with some berry pretty berry stripey, so will satisfy myself with socks for the time being.

more when camera returns.

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Jejune said...

Pity about the wool shop being closed! It would be nice if Bendigo got themselves a web site, wouldn't it?

I must give entrelac a try sometime soon... looking forwards to pics when you have the chance :)