Monday, February 12, 2007

playing with sheep

how wonderful was it to have rain down here this weekend?

of course it meant that yesterday at herding school at michelago we herded in the mud. trent was too busy with scenic shots to get any of us working - here is the only one i have! (there may be more on other cameras that i will post when i get copies)...

the dogs found it a little uncomfortable too!

but you cant begrudge a farm called drydale getting 40mms in one day. i think i saw liam smile!

here are some pix of said drydale:

with the rain coming:

the herding crew trying to get out of the rain!

(photos courtesy of the offical 4k barista and photographer)

possum and i did some really hard work this weekend, working sheep in and out of paddocks and pens and through gates. at one point i couldnt get her to come around a particular side and robert stood there and grinned while i swore my head off! people said they thought i might cry in frustration but there will be no tears, just swearing! i forgot that my dad happened to be there because he is touring the countryside at the moment in his caravan and trent said he was surprised i would swear like that in front of my father. is 38 not old enough to be able to swear in front of your father?! :)

anyway i still have a lot of work to do in terms of getting poss to work short and soft and also on where to put myself to make it easier for her, but i was really pleased with how we are going.

she also went up the race and learnt to 'back' the sheep (ie, jump up and run along the back of them) and she really loved it, she didnt jump off and she even stopped and 'worked' (ie barked a lot at!) one sheep that was facing the wrong direction.

great fun! we have another school next weekend at camden and then i will watch the trials at the canberra royal the weekend after and should be right to have a go at the bathurst show without making too much of a fool of myself!

k :)

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