Wednesday, February 21, 2007


hehehe...rubs hands together with glee....the bendigo loot arrived this morning. here it is - all this for the princely sum of $48.15:

these pictures dont do it justice of course, its so dark inside this house in the morning, but its a lovely soft greyish mauve with flecks of reddish brown and maybe even some green?

i think it will be just right. and yes of course i will do a tension square first!

meanwhile the picot socks dont look very picot-ey and i swear this wool is red not pink:

i think i did one too many rows after the eyelets so when i folded it over it is not as tight as it should be and this means the picot doesnt stand up as firmly as it should. will know better next sock. these are just for me so they are really learning-socks.

and the back of the baby jacket is done as well:

this is lovely and light and soft, i wish i were a baby and were knitting this for me! i am planning on knitting a whole little ensemble, complete with pants, hat and booties.

oh and very good news, the NFH appears to be in the process of moving out, even tho the house hasnt sold officially yet. a large white vehicle that looked suspiciously like a removalist van was here yesterday and lots of boxes were taken out on trolleys and no one was there last night. there is still stuff scattered around the place so id say its not all over yet but i feel like a weight has started to lift....

and now i have a thesis chapter to write...



Bells said...

ooh pretty! I love Bendigo so much. I hope you have fun with it.

And I really, really like the picot socks, even though they're not as picot-ey as you would like. Are you just making them up?

kylie said...

i have seen a few patterns for picot edge socks and they are all basically the same, i chose 66 stitches cos thats the man size for socks with no decreasing and i dont want them real long and i have calf muscles so... the rest will just be a basic sock pattern for my foot measurements really. the fancy eyelet ones im going to do later are a blackdog design.