Monday, February 19, 2007

why i didnt knit

i missed another sunday SnB this weekend, and hardly did any knitting either, because i was off herding sheep at belgenny farm at camden.

these sheep are descendents of the original macarthur merinos bought out here from spain in the early 1800s. since then most australian merinos have been cross bred to produce a hardy sheep with usually good fine wool. the wool on these guys looked more like dreadlocks, and they have been so inter-bred that they are kind of strange. in other words, they are very hard to work! we spent a lot of time watching people chase them around! here is nathan, john and i, with chloe, possum and deisal, thinking about what we will have to do:

here is me and possum running around after the sheep:

here is jenny (our instructor) probably yelling instructions at me which i cant hear because i am trying to catch my breath and am also amazed that possum is just sitting minding the sheep.

not something posssum likes to do.

we had a great weekend tho, very hard, steep learning curve in preparation for my first yard dog trial at the bathurst show in two weeks. its only a beginner trial and i dont expect to do great but it will be a good learning exercise and i dont think we will totally disgrace ourselves!

so there was very little knitting done - i had actually done the picot edge on the socks but i frogged it in the car on the way home because my picking up along the cast on stitches to fold it over had got puckered and so the stitches were slanting instead of standing up straight.

note to self: picot edging on dpns best not done in car.

so i just did some garter stitch rows on the back of the baby jacket.

so i missed another weekend SnB and probably wont get to a sunday for a while yet. but i love the idea of the Harlot Happening planned for later in march. i got my yarn harlot rules book back from loan on friday and am planning to re-read from cover to cover. esp the bit about beanies, which is my next challenge.

today i must start the next chapter and re-do the picot edge. will post pix of that when done properly!

have a good one.


Taphophile said...

Oooh, inbred sheep - like they aren't stupid enough to begin with!. Still, it looks like you had fun chasing the stash around the paddock.

Looks like we'll have a bonus SnB this Sunday if you're free.

kylie said...

the only problem with chasing the stash around the paddock is its unwillingness to get inside my stash basket. annoying. doing dog stuff at canberra royal this weekend unfortunately - will come to the next tues night to return your book tho :)