Friday, February 02, 2007

final chapters

well i just heard that the next and last harry potter (deathly hallows) comes out on july 21, only a week after the 5th movie (order of the phoenix) . i am excited and sad at the same time, i cant bear to think what she has planned for harry. if she kills him off i'll be very annoyed.

i have also decided on a pattern for the cardi project, its a gorgeous wrap type thing in the book taph lent me but trent has the camera with him today so no pix. i am going to bowral on sunday and plan to visit a wool shop there where i may perhaps purchase ONE sample ball to practice with if anything takes my fancy. when i have decided on wool i will post pix.

the entrelac seems to be working in terms of a blanket design, its a kind of old fashioned look but i like that in a blanket, it makes it look patchwork without being patchwork and it suits the inca. and its the kind of pattern i dont have to think about. but i cant knit it all in one piece so will try and get as many multiple of ten stitches on as i can and make long strips.

also i have finally tamed chapter three/four (it was supposed to be chapter four but its combining with three to make a big one) and although there is still a lot of fiddling to do with it, it makes sense in terms of the whole thing now.

we are off to the beach tomorrow for trent to do some surfing and to catch up with the lovely deborah, at whose place i am staying overnight while trent continues to sydney with dogs for training. looking forward to a social, girly weekend.

hope everyone else has a good one.
k :)


Jejune said...

Ooh, is your cardigan the "Lift and Separate" one by Amy Swenson? I want to make that one...

I'll be interested in seeing how your entrelac blanket looks when you've got your camera back :)

Congrats on finishing Chapter 3!

kylie said...

indeed it is that one! how did you guess? still looking for the right wool for it, awaiting bendigo shade cards :) who knew life would be so difficult without a camera!!