Friday, February 09, 2007

we have pictures

ok, the camera arrived back from its little holiday in wollongong this morning safe and sound. thanks ms d!

here is what it contained.

1. the view from deb's outdoor room where we sat sipping coffee and eating sourdough from the jamberoo bakery (goddamn i miss that place - we used to live a five minute drive from the best bread/pies/bread and butter pudding on the south coast):

note thriving vegetable patch, despite constant salt, wind and sun exposure. sigh.

2. the view of deborah's backyard with fence followed by ocean. yes it is possible to live that close to the beach (did i mention how much i miss the smell of salt air, the wide open space, the light, the breeze, the coolness....):

3. the view of warilla beach first thing sunday morning:

and here is the knitting in progress update.

firstly the finished entrelac sample:

it is a little wonky, i got a bit loose towards the end, so i suspect successful entrelac depends on consistent tension! this is 40 stitches on 7mm needles, ends up measuring over 30 cms long but i want to make longer strips than this, so will probably do the next piece on circs.

secondly, the blue tripey socks for trent:

coming along nicely i think. although patons seem to think that mens feet are about three times the size of womens. hmmm perhaps they are...

here is the picture of my wrap project:

its an amy swenson design from big girl knits and its gorgeous. this pattern is in alpaca but i cant wear anything thats not based on merino, or sheeps wool, so i have sent off for bendigo shade cards. and yes jejune, i really do wish they had a website. how hard can it be?!

oh and yesterday i snuck into lincraft at belconnen because my usual LYS at jamison is half shut down during renos (for some reason they think its more important to keep the old peoples clothes half of the store open, not the yarn half. sigh. what is it with me and yarn stores this week?!). i really was just looking for some larger DPNs cos the picot eyelet socks are knit on 3mm (i am going to use 2.75 cos my wool is slightly heavier than 4ply) but lincraft had a sale on and i know someone who may or may not be having a baby, maybe around august, and the bambino was on sale ($2.75 a ball and i just bought 2 balls to start with) so that gives me plenty of time to knit this cute little jacket (i am actually doing the pink jacket not the cream jumper):

i was going to knit a hat on dpns so i wouldnt have to sew anything but then i realised that i would have about 4 things going on dpns and maybe some straight rows might be fun for a change, and theres not that much sewing for a baby jacket surely!

thats it from me. must go tidy up now before visitors arrive tonight for our herding school at michelago this weekend. so there will be more pictures of wool on monday, just still attached to its source!

have a good one
k xx


Bells said...

I so meant to say something on my blog about Cassidy's. all their yarn stuff is at the Kingston store for the time being. they haven't put it away, just moved it. And the Kingston store is way nicer anyway!

Love that beach shot. Look at that big puffy cloud!!!

One day, Bendigo will have a website. i continue to believe that. don't forget to post your loot when it arrives!

kylie said...

ah well there you go! i should have asked them! and you know kingston's not that far from manuka, where that other yarn store is so perhaps a trip to the south side may be in order! thanks for the heads up :)

kylie said...

ps the cloud lingering over the north of warilla beach is actually from the bhp cloud-making factory :)

happyspider said...

and a little spider lives over there too... :)
love the wrap top and snap on the baby jacket :p

Jejune said...

Lovely photos - ahhh, beaches... sigh.

I love the Merino Bambino - I just knit a baby singlet using it, it's so soft and just delightful.

And, yes, that's the same wrap top that I want to make. Really nice design! What colour are you going to make it in?

kylie said...

i got some shade cards from bendigo and i am thinking of the rustic in agate, i think it needs something muted and earthy looking but not too dark, even tho my natural tendency is black, brown or berry! will post pix tomorrow...tired now... long day herding sheep in rain and mud :)