Monday, October 29, 2007

birthday loot part two

in which our heroine engages in some serious stash enhancement...

saturday october 27 two thousand and seven dawned warm and sunny. our newly thirty nine year old adventurer (i am hoping if i say it often enough it wont sound so scary) woke to freshly ground and brewed coffee and an inviting looking parcel on the coffee table. inside, she found this:

oh yes, the knit pick fairy strikes again! thank you to my lovely pumpkin who arranged this behind my back, and to the many enablers he had in this enterprise.

i played with them for a while, and then i drove up to helen's waratah fibres at bundanoon where i met with some of my old canberra stitch and bitch buddies (and some new ones!). it was sooo great to see everyone again! you can read all about it at spidey's blog. it was great fun, spindling, dying, eating yummy chocolate cake (thanks george!) and being sung happy birthday to. i think i bought some stuff too. oh wait, lets see if its inside my new knitting bag!

this comes courtesy of jo and dave, who found it at a camping store of all places! because i do a lot of knitting outside and on the road, the solid stand up bottom and sturdy sides of this make it perfect, and there are heaps of little pockets for all the other bits one needs.

it is also quite sizable. all of this fit snugly inside - 150g of waratah polworth silk hand dyed:

100g of waratah 3ply hand dyed:

spider sock yarn in 'sugar melon' made to order thank you very much:

and regia cotton socks and lovely old patons pattern, from the wonderful taph:

leaving the still unfinished thuja's alone at the bottom:

i went back to The Can with george, judes and rachel, and met up with trent and we stayed at george's sat night because we had a dog thing (flyball comp) at the dog club in narrabundah on sunday. (it got rained out but our team did really well, go The Phoenix!). george, B and PJ also gave me half a kilo of my favourite coffee beans, colombian fair trade (dark) from hansel and gretel:

and these lovely stitch markers that george made:

the knitting bag also contained more knit picks:

and some yummy nougat, and a new camp towel from the fabulous jo and dave, and after the flyball the club sang me happy birthday again and we ate treasure cake. yummy.

today i am feeling queasy, dehydrated, and brain dead, but it was great fun. i stayed home from work to play with new toys. oh, and to clean the bathroom. right, yes, the bathroom.

thanks everyone for a great birthday! i am a very lucky girl to be surrounded by such lovely people!


ps, this is what the stash basket looks like now:

not quite a stash tower tho, is it george?!


Jejune said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - what a brilliant time you've had, full of treats and friends and yummy things!

Taphophile said...

An all too brief visit - you did do well. Particularly like the all-terrain bag.

Rose Red said...

Oh lots of fabulous loot! Lovely lovely all of it - but especially that polwarth silk, and George's fab stitch markers! Not to mention the HUGE knitting bag! Happy happy birthday indeed!!

(shame the bathroom has to bring you back to earth!)

Bells said...

Oh wow, Kylie I'm so sorry I didn't come and hang out with you on Saturday. That would have been cool.

And I welcome you warmly to the Knit Picks Options Club. I presume Trent is behind that purchase? Doesn't it just make you love him? I was playing with my Options set today and felt the need to remind Sean that it was THE COOOLEST present ever.

kms said...

you were missed bells, but i think there may be other expeditions of this nature on the horizon! yes it was trent who met donyale at her workplace and kept these out of my sight for at least a week! major brownie points!! they are indeed the coolest present ever, the gift that just keeps on giving :)

Georgie said...

It may only be a stash basket now, but it contains the *potential* to become a Stash Tower! You just have to put your mind to it!

It was so much fun to be able to share your birthday. Are we planning for the big one next year yet?

2paw said...

What a fabulous lot of presents!! I can see you have had a very happy Birthday!!!