Friday, October 19, 2007


i am on the road to recovery, after my traumatic experience with the ann budd toe-ups. let us never speak of it again.

i rewound the wool and went looking for another pattern. it definitely needs a rib, and something slightly chunkier, so i was happy to find this. progress so far:

the pattern is for men, so i have amended it slightly by going down to 3mm needles, and casting on 48 instead of 44. speaking of which, i know maths is not my strong point, but the pattern says to distribute the stitches evenly on 3 needles, not 4, and that the seed stitch rib is a 4 stitch repeat (k3, p1). i couldnt get that to add up over 44 st on 3 needles! so 48 stitches was easier all round. at first i thought it would be too small so i cast on again a bit looser and now im a ways in i can see the rib has heaps of stretch in it. i really like this as something different to stocking stitch but not so different i have to think about it.

meanwhile i have strung both the berry stripey picot socks with their black velvet. someone called them bordello socks. cant imagine why?!

trent said they looked silly. but he thinks there is such a thing as a feral sock, so, like, whatever!

given he says such horrid things, i dont know why i would ever knit anything for him ever again. but i am thinking about it.

a while ago he saw this jumper in a camping store and i sat there for a while trying to work out how to make a pattern from it while he looked at sleeping bag liners. then i bought a certain knitting magazine a few days ago and found this:

he liked it straight away. now we just have to haggle over the right yarn. im also going to make it a fair bit tighter and maybe in a finer yarn than in the pattern.

i will also need some nice circulars before i even think about it. hint hint. 8 days and counting!!

thanks for your support through the toe up trauma. it meant a lot to know there were others out there who felt my pain!

kms xxx

ps in other news, pensky file is enjoying its new abode, and im off to a bday party for a 17 year old boy this weekend (t's half brother). bells, can i take my knitting to that?!


Taphophile said...

Fie on boys who know knitting not! He might not deserve a new jumper, but you deserve to knit something lovely. Win win?

Totally take your knitting to the party, BTW.

Rose Red said...

Oh yeah, take your knitting. I imagine there's only so much of a 17yo party that you can stand. And you never know, you might make a convert!!

So nice to find a pattern that (often fussy) boys like!!

Bells said...

You most certainly can. They will think you are old and daggy no matter what you do, so you may as well please yourself!

I LOVE that Jared Flood pattern. It's gorgeous. I doubt I'll ever make it but want very much to see someone else do it.

Fernicle said...

That jumper looks absolutely gorgeous!! Trent is a very lucky man and he should not say such things about socks that look so wonderful - what do men know about style anyway ;) xxx
PS: you might have convinced me to keep the blog going...

amy said...

Thank you for your compliment over at SSS. I doubt I'm any better or cleverer knitter than you. Husband and I discussed the Jared Flood sweater pattern (I do love his designs) but we fell apart over the garter stitch vs ribbing, since Husband likes to push up his sleeves and have them stay up. It looks like such a good knit, though. (Hmm, maybe I should make one in my size?)