Wednesday, October 17, 2007

toe up tragedy

not happy jan. this toe up short row heel thing and me are just not working out.

what is this, i ask you?

thats right, i dont know.

im sorry georgina m if you are reading but i can not endure the agony of anymore purl or knit three together on such small needles, and than have it all fall off the needle and pick it up all wrong and get all ugly holes. i saw judes' lovely short row heel on her monkey and it looked NOTHING like mine was turning out.

i am many things but a masochist is not one of them.

so im going to frog it again and try this way instead, as many of you so wisely suggested.

this is putting my SSS target back somewhat.

no indeedy, not happy. not happy at all!


ps thanks for all your votes, looks like the black velvet is a winner. i might try and get some that is slightly thinner, it may drape a bit better. i love the idea of them being 'bordello socks', by the way :)

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