Friday, October 26, 2007

birthday loot part one

i am in my office on campus finishing off my marking, and this mac is in partial adminstrator-lock-down so i cant seem to resize pics so i am getting blogger to do it. my apologies if they show up weird.

instead of marking essays, i am showing off some early birthday loot (39 on saturday. eeck!). the lovely amanda, my latest sock evangelista, gave me this last night at flyball training:

woohoo! i love it. i love that its all about OLD socks, it makes the patterns feel really precious. knitting them will appeal greatly to the historian in me. i love that it has all the info at the front about sock construction and history. i love the sections on technique. i love all the really great mens socks. for my own purposes, i especially love these three designs - "fancy silk sock for a child, 1900":

"childs sock in miranda pattern, 1904":

"evening stockings for a young lady, 1900" (perfect for me, n'est pas?):

of course, making these will require some stash enhancement.

i also got a lovely present on tuesday from my students in nowra:

teaching them was a pleasure enough, this was icing on the cake. the card said some really nice things. as i sit here looking at this pile of politics essays, i have some faith that some dismal first years will become dazzling third years!

cant wait for tomorrow :)

k xx


Bells said...

happy birthday Kylie! You are the same vintage as Mr Bells. '68 was obviously a good year.

I really, really want that book!

Rose Red said...

Happy Birthday!! It is a fab book (as all of Nancy Bush's books are!!). Not only the same vintage as Mr Bells, but also Mr Red as well!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday Kylie!! Hope it's a fantastic day!

That book looks rooly lovely too, by the way. What a great friend you have!

Kate (Kiss My Frog) said...

Happy, happy birthday, Kylie. The birthday fairy came thru big time!
1968 was obviously a banner year, because Mr Frog is also among that exalted company!

TinkingBell said...

Happy birthday (you;re a baby!) Lovely loot! Have fun with the book!

Melinda said...

I love that sock book as well! Haven't as yet knitted anything from it.