Monday, October 15, 2007

thank god

i am doing my monday morning read of everyone elses blog and i came across the link to the nerd test, so i took it. thank god i am not as big a nerd as i thought i was.

I am nerdier than 44% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

i know someone, however, whos going to score through the roof on this one!

there are different types of nerds however, dont you think? im very nerdy in other ways, that make people look at me strange. just not about computers. or star trek.

happpy monday
k xx


Georgie said...

Hmmm, youre right its only one type of nerd. I wonder where the test for a hedgemony nerd is?? (hoping I spelt that right and dont look like a doofus - as opposed to a nerd!)

Jejune said...

Heh, I'm DAMN nerdy - scored 83!

kms said...

oh my! thats higher than even my most nerdy friend. you knew that assembly isnt a programming language didnt you?! let alone all the chemistry stuff!

Taphophile said...

Got 43, but I'm a dag, not a nerd.

Jo said...

oh thankfully someone beat me. Well done jejune, I only got 80. Not my fault I remember highschool and uni science etc. I think they may revoke my trekker membership though, completely missed those vulcan ears

Knitty Bug said...

OMG! I'm Super Nerdy, I got 87 !!
Oh well, I blame all that studying at high school. And the first thing I noticed was the vulcan ears - damn the Sci Fi channel! (hehe)