Wednesday, October 31, 2007

let's talk about S.E.X

thats right, stash. everyone's talking about it, and it seems particularly pertinent given the day of fibre whoredom that was last saturday.

bells and amy have developed the no-guilt stash manifesto, george has adopted it (and lots more will have by the time you read this) and so am i. i even uploaded the button. (how much do we love buttons?!)

the last month or so i have been on a knitting-related spending embargo, imposed from without, because it was leading up to my birthday and all that. yesterday i was informed the embargo was lifted and i pointed out to my sweetness that i had already assumed as much the minute i opened my present from him and got myself up to waratah fibres. i was quite restrained at helens, i must admit, because i am in the market only for sock yarn at the moment. i brought dudiciously, with specific patterns in mind.

now i have a stash basket with yarn enough for at least 8 pairs of socks, and i have at least 10 patterns i want to try over the summer (yeah wish me luck with that one). but still i lust after the koigu. and the lorna's laces. and i will need some sturdy grey to knit some of the gorgeous man socks in 'vintage knits'. the more there is in the basket, the more i want. the more my fingers itch to start casting on multiple sock patterns at once.

and then there is the fact that in 8 weeks time when The Pensky File is all but finished, i get to lift my own self-imposed embargo on spinning, and then there is all that FIBRE to stash.

thankfully, george informs me that its a much cheaper and more efficient method of stash enhancement.

in the meantime, i will not feel guilty for even thinking about S.E.X.

k xx


Bells said...

God Kylie, talk about a one track mind.... ;-)

kms said...

*hangs head in shame* sad, but true