Monday, October 15, 2007

ribbing and a rant

my second post in one day. somethings afoot. so to speak.

bad things first.

i am a scorpio. the relevance of this is that i am slow to trust but when i do i do it completely. if however, you piss me off, or 'betray' that trust, then you are off my christmas card list. just like that. its very hard for me to forgive and forget. i am a vengeful creature and tend to hold onto things. there are people in the world at the moment (outside of every politician, war lord or religious zealot) with very negative energies having a direct impact on my peace of mind and i am feeling very CRANKY with the world. a lot of this angst is from long running issues, some of which are beyond my control to sort out. i hate that. some of the sorting out i would like to do involves taking someone behind the wool shed and dealing with things in a less than civilised manner. apparently, however, this is not kocher, and i must suck it up, and 'hand it over'. i'll frigging hand it over alright if a certain red headed so-and-so comes near me!!

this is not helped by the fact that i am stressed to the max re the pensky file. one of my supervisors has decided to take 3 months leave without notice. the other one doesnt answer my emails. i am hoping to submit before christmas. personally, i dont care, i am past the point of needing them and dont want to talk to them anyway. but if i get one hold up on my submission process because someone doesnt read a chapter in time, the proverbial will hit the fan.

on a lighter note on that front, i have packed up the pensky file ready to take it back to the office where it belongs. i feel lighter already, although a little anxious at the thought of being around people every day.

now the good stuff.

today i have been unashamedly playing with my dogs, taking them to the park, doing some washing and ironing, and ribbing my way up the foot of a certain sock. its a present, but i dont know if shes going to be feeling the love - my first attempt at a short row heel is giving me RSI.

the pattern is for 64 stitches but it seems very small, i am hoping the rib has a looooot of stretch in it.

jem thought the ball of wool was something for him to play with and made a grab for it.

saved, just in time.

one other good thing, anger is a very useful way of keeping the black dog at bay.

anger and yarn shopping. someone had better let me near a credit card soon!

k xx

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TinkingBell said...

Sock looks wonderful (luckily, yarn and knitted objects only channel lurve, baby!!) - you're right about anger - it can be a positive emotion - if channelled - hope all turns out well and to your advantage!!! _ Supervisors suck, BTW - rule of nature! Think of Karma - it'll get them all - hahahahahahahahaha (maniacal laughter!)