Sunday, October 14, 2007

sock evangelism

for once i am home on the weekend, that is, we have no organised running-around-after-our-dogs-like-soccer-parent type events. we did do some training yesterday, and it was quite amusing because in between runs amanda, jo and i sat under a tree pouring over 25 favourite socks. after our adventures at herding last weekend where we talked sock blocking templates and oohed and aahhed over georginas koigu, amanda has been inspired to take up sock knitting and has already turned the heel on her first patonyle womens sock. with no assistance mind you. hhhmph. i needed someone literally to take my hands and show me what to do!

and now jo, who used to knit very complicated intarsia jumpers in the round, is thinking she could do socks too. of course, shes thinking the latvian ones look like a nice challenge!

so the sock-evangelism is going well in this part of the world.

however, the point of the story is that it is a perfect day for the southern summer of socks, and i have been able to make some progress on the toe ups:

this is a nice pattern with the rib front and plain sole, and because of the ribbing i am not getting bad ladders on the joins. the first stitch on the rib is a purl, and sometimes this leaves a bit of a gap between needles so every so often i just pick up the gap and purl it together with the first stitch and this is tightening it up.

this weekend at home also means we have an extremely clean house and now i have to go outside and help do something to the car.

also, i have made a decision in relation to the pensky file. i have been working from home because its easy and comfortable but i am getting too distracted and running out of time. i have an office on campus and i am going to pack it all up and take it in there where this is no crap day time tv, no dogs to play with, no washing to do and no other reason to procrastinate.

i am not yet sure if this is a good or bad idea!

have a good rest of weekend.

k xx

ps jo bought down some heuheutenango coffee from guatemala, check out the coffee blog for a 'review' of this amazing coffee!!


Kate (Kiss My Frog) said...

Good for you! Did you evangelise them into the KAL, too?

Stell said...

the world need more hand knit socks, and so more hand knitting sock knitters, and I love your 'fix' for ladders in ribbing. I've found pulling the first 2 or 3 stitches tight on a dpn works for me, but also twisted rib - wow, really pops.

Jo said...

So, you think the latvians might be a bit hard for starters?? What is the KAL?

kms said...

thats the southern summer of socks i was telling you about jo, see the button in the side bar! feel free to join :)

Georgie said...

Excellent evangilising.

I think relocating the Pensky file is an excellent move - now its "work", and you can get into work mode on the drive to the office, and have some time to quieten the brain an get into home-mode on the drive back home. I work better that way too - Im too easily distracted to work at home very well.

Taphophile said...

The sock is looking great! I'm guessing you won't be taking your knitting distractions into the office either?