Monday, October 22, 2007

knits with whales

despite advice, i did not take my knitting to the 17 year old's birthday party. i really should have, because i would have gotten a whole sock done. but im also glad i didnt. i already felt old enough. no need to emphasise the point in front of 30 very groovy very gorgeous teenagers. in some ways, these kids are exactly the same as me and my friends at their age, but in other ways they are entirely different. like, from another planet different. as if i need to be made to feel any older, it being my last 30-something birthday this weekend coming. *sigh*

but i did get some knitting done yesterday. we took the dogs for a drive down to minnamurra, here is the thuja sock in the car:

here is the beautiful scenery looking south to kiama and out to sea:

while there we saw whales! there was a big whale and some babies not far off the coast, they looked like humpbacks. the big whale was just hitting the water with a fin, which was as big as the babies that were practising their breaching. it was very cool. i tried to take photos, which was laughable really, but perhaps that little bit of white froth was something?

the thuja sock liked it here anyway:

the thuja sock is looking nearly long enough this morning:

its hard to knit socks for other people - i hope this will be big enough.

its meant to be hot here again today so i am off now to take the dogs for a run up the beach, then to the gym and grocery shopping, then first year politics essays to mark.

happy monday!
k xx


Rose Red said...

Sock is looking good - nice summer shots!!

Taphophile said...

I'm just so glad we don't have to knit socks for whales!

Thuja is gorgeous - well done. :)

Georgie said...

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside....thuja is looking lovely.

Stell said...

thuja is looking lovely and whales, lucky sock, I'm sure whales spotting makes for a charmed sock, or at least a lucky sock

Michelle said...

Lovley sock there.

But whales! WHALES!

kms said...

i know! it was really cool :)