Tuesday, October 23, 2007

thuja 1 toe ups 0

thuja number one was completed last night while watching supernatural. not quite the x files but just as easy on the eye :)

oh right, the sock....

no, this sock has never been a botched attempt at an ann budd 'on your toes'. what are you talking about?!

it is too small for me, by about an inch around and long, so i am not going to stretch it by putting it on my hoof just to take photos. but finally, i see the need for sock blockers. blocking would flatten this out some and show the cute little bumps in the seed stitch rib. i have not bought any of bell's hubbies yet because i have a handy friend here who can make stuff and he wants to do them, but i need a sock blocker template. anyone know where i can get one of those?!

this is the fastest sock i have ever made (if we dont count the toe up debacle of which we are never speaking again), and, apart from being smaller than what i usually make, i think its because of the rib. having something to do every so often rather than just knit made it interesting and it went a lot quicker.

and again, i am very happy that i didnt need to look up how to do the decreases, although i did consult the yarn harlot for tricks about sizing. i love that book.

off to nowra for my last class there today. they have a quiz and then a teacher evaluation - for the last part i am supplying chocolate. that should help!

k xx


TinkingBell said...

What toe up thing? Never heard of toe up - not interested - no nononono!

Toe up is on my challenge - we'll see! Nearly finished my first pair - love yours - you're motoring - bah - I would have taken the knitting to the party - in fact, I did! (and my husband was mortified!)

Rose Red said...

Mmm, nice sock. Nice pretty top down sock!

kms said...

nice simple relaxing make-you-feel-good-about-knitting top down sock! indeed :)

2paw said...

I love your Thuja socks, I have knitted them 3 times, I think, and they are great!!! I can't help you with a foot template. Your evaluations sound like excellent fun!!!

Olivia said...

Love the sock and LOVE the colours!

I never know what to say on the toe-up debate, as it's the only way I've done it. (But golly, I have never had to P3tog or K3tog for the humble socks that I have done!) Some day I will try it the other way around.